Indoor Mineral Pool + Outdoor Spa/Hot Tub + Infrared Sauna
 Health Spa accessable from the lobby.                       


Please feel free to smoke outside.     Take the virtual tour from our home page.     


Indoor Pool    
screened windows & doors, for a breeze; a glass roof and a wall of glass facing the lake.

When it rains, our guests get off the rides. They swim in the indoor pool, until the rain is over. Then they go back to the rides

Health Spa

Massage Therapist  574-297-1032 0r 583-3190 by appointment in your Luxury Suite or Minisuite.

Reflexology, Yoga, Pain Reduction & Stress Reduction Sessions are arranged through the Resort office.
Each $40, $45 or $50 1/2 hour long, or $75 hour long, session is customized according to each individual’s needs,
promoting the body’s own ability to balance, restore and renew itself.
Individualized coaching sometimes produces amazing long-term results.
Sessions include coaching & training to achieve sometimes amazing long-term individualized  results.

For everyone's health, please shower before entering the pool or spa.
The sauna sweats poisons out of our bodies. The poisons, sweat & bacteria from the days activities and the sauna should be washed away in the shower, not the pool or spa.
We patterned our Spa Resort after Sam's Spa Resort, in its hay day in the early seventies, in Desert Hot Springs, California.    Also had a nice stay in the nineties.
 Colloidal silver, zinc & copper in the pool is our own health twist.
Please let us help you schedule a massage.
To your health! Colloidal silver, zinc & copper!
Up to 90% less chlorine
Feel like you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth!
Go from the lobby shower, to the therapy pool, to the spa/hot tub
, to the far-infrared therapy sauna, and back to the shower in the lobby.
Please remember to shower in the bathroom off the lobby, after using the sauna.

Just bask in the sun by our lakefront water volleyball court.
Throw Bean Bags or Corn Hole
on the deck over the boat docks.
We have both, leave yours at home.

Sit on a barstool along the edge of the deck and watch schools of shad swim all around you.
Sit under an umbrella on the deck and soak in the good life.
Enjoy sittin' on the dock of the bay.
--- ---
 is an easy sport to learn.
And it is so relaxing, on our wake free bay. I've seen teenagers bring them in at dusk and take them out again early next morning. They are addicting. Stay in the no wake bay, where it is safe. Don't go past the suspension bridge. It is ok to go under the bridge to the campgrounds. Stay out of the way of the ferries.

No night kyaking. Life jackets are required by law. DNR patrols.
12 to 20lb cats
Largemouths hang out at our docks. You can feed 5 to 7" gills all day long. Some bigger. Big fish eat little fish. Bluegills are the largemouth's favorite food. A 5 year old boy caught a 19" largemouth July 2006.
We fed a lot of bluegills, when I taught my grandkids how to fish. Until they got the hang of it, I couldn't bait hooks fast enough. April, 2008, Jacob told me, Grandpa, you're so lucky to live at Bay Side.

Walk to the waterpark.
Stroll along the boardwalk across the street.
Stroll back to your suite for lunch.
(and save a buck for souveniers)
Eat at the  Skyroom Restraunt on the boardwalk.
(Especially Sunday brunch)
Lots of fast food places on the boardwalk.
Cook out on our propane or charcoal grills.
Leave your grill utensils at home. If you don't find what you need in the mailbox by the grills, we have more at the lobby.
Have pizza delivered to your suite.
If you are boating, have pizza delivered
to your boat.
Enjoy an evening dancing to live bands at the Roof Garden overlooking the boardwalk. Just a short walk and you are back to your suite. We've even enjoyed some entertainment on the deck, after last call.

(Remember to tip the band.)
Don't miss the view from the deck
of the ferris wheel all lit up at night.
Very few city lights nearby, so it's a good place to stargaze.

Enjoy a romantic lakefront campfire,
feeding each other hotdogs.

We provide forks for your hot dogs and marshmallows. Leave yours at home.

Area Attractions

*  Indiana Beach (#2 above) waterpark & amusement park are just across the street.

just 9 miles east of Monticello...
*  Crooked Creek Trails Horseback riding (#32 above).
*  Whyte Horse Winery  1510 S. Airport Rd, Monticello 574-583-2345
*  Madam Carrol Ferry Lake Freeman Cruises docks at Hwy39 bridge, south of town.
574-583-3545  Live bands and some dinner cruises.
*  Hodges Canoe Trips on the Tippecanoe River 765-564-6806  Delphi
*  Monon Train Museum 1 mile north of Monon on Hwy421 (Hwy43n)
*  France Park near Crooked Creek - mountain biking+
*  Harley Davidson Museum North Judson   Hwy39
*  Bailey's Outlet center & Toto 5 miles east of North Judson   Rt10
*  Fair Oaks Farms Museum 219-394-2025   Fair Oaks    I65 exit 220

Stay just across the street from
Indiana Beach

Save $150-$230/weekend!
Minisuite with Kitchen, sheets & towels


Take advantage of Bay Side's
Sunday thru Thursday 5 nightSpecial.

 + possible buy one, Get one free! discounts

Huge no-wake bay for kayaking Free Kayaks! [We supply required life jackets] Fishing licenses required to fish.

Bean bags,corn hole 

Infrared sauna    Outdoor Hot Tub

Indoor Pool & Hottub open Memorial Day

Sheets and towels provided.

At Bay Side Resort you will find clean, comfortable and modern accommodations near Indiana Beach Amusement Park.

Our property is situated on the calm bay of Lake Shafer,

it's a great water playground for our kyaks, paddle boats and canoes 

and a no-wake-zone place to dock your boat or personal water craft! We have excellent docking facilities sheltered from the rain! 


We have a huge concrete deck that covers our piers. The deck has lounge chairs and umbrella tables for you to sit and enjoy the view.   

Our grounds are beautifully lit at night. We also have a campfire pit, so you can roast marshmallows if you like. We have grills and picnic tables for your outdoor cooking as well.
Bay Side Resort is a small family oriented resort at the Main Gates of Indiana Beach Amusement Park 
in Monticello Indiana.


Full kitchen facilities, equipped with a full size fridge, toaster, microwave, coffee maker, pots, pans, silverware etc.

Kitchenette Lakefront motel room #6 or #7 sleep up to 4 guests  - 1 queen  & 1 full each

Unlock door between units #6 & #7

Create a lakefront suite for 8 guests

Eazy access to deck over boat docks

#6 has an apartment size kitchen.

#7 is over the water. #7 kitchen has an electric skillet, but no stove. #7 has 2 private decks, each with a table and chairs. 

The back deck  has 4 easy steps that lead to the 30ft x 50ft concrete deck over the boat docks.

1 night $150 - 2 nights $300 - week $600


Mini-suites  small luxury cruise liner size  scale with bedrooms plus kitchens

Like me on a cruise, you won't want to spend a lot of time cramped into a small space. Trust me, its a cheap way to sleep extra people, in nice accomodations.

We are just across the street fom  INDIANA BEACH main gate!    
Bay Side Resort

5088 E. Indiana Beach Rd.

Monticello, IN 47960


Even if you don't stay with us, stop by and see what we have to offer.
We would love to show you around.

E=MC2         Energy = everything else.         All disease is caused by stressful energy.
Each human being has a unique set of  thoughts.
 Unconscious thoughts, are the major energy field that create the uniqueness of each human being.
Thoughts generate energy frequencies that change our genes, our cells, our RNA, and our DNA .
Thought can turn muscle into bone, turn protein into carbohydrate, turn carbohydrate into fat, or turn CA into MG.

Unconscious thoughts control my autonomic nervous system (ANS) to regulate my internal organs and glands.
Two major branches of my ANS are my parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and my sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

PNS stimulates my body's Yin reserves, including rest and digest activities like healing, decreasing causes of pain, increasing immune system function, increasing cellular oxygen, nutrient and energy stores, increasing vital energy (Qi) flow along internal meridians, oxigenating blood, sexual arousal, salivation, lacrimation (tears), urination, and defecation.
SNS stimulates activities associated with the Yang fight-or-flight response, including increasing blood pressure, heart beat, neuromuscular tension and production of the stress hormone, cortisol, as well as depletion of Yin reserves of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main energy storage and transfer molecule in the mitochondria of the cell. SNS activity activates a fire alarm to diminish PNS activity, to divert cellular energy for the emergency at hand.

Chronic stress (CS) is SNS overload, excessive cortisol stored in belly fat; staying in fight or flight mode too long, because unconscious thoughts falsely tripped the fire alarm energy frequency. Jing is burned up in the body by life itself, but most especially by chronic and acute stress and excessive behavior.
When Yang becomes excessive, it exhausts Yin reserves, like excessive bank account withdrawals.
Imagine a root CS notice from my Yin Bank of insufficient funds to cover the weakest link in my PNS defense system.
My weakest PNS link, a pain (or wrinkles, gray hair, age spots, etc), signals that my thoughts are out of balance with universal laws and my PNS Yin reserves are overdrawn.
Several overdraft notices are collectively disease, inability to effectively perform PNS functions, unconscious cellular starvation.

neurostructional integration technique

Massage Therapist  574-583-3190 by appointment.  
-  Treat yourself like me! -

We also recommend reflexology, yoga and neurostructional integration technique. Jackie & I have helped each other tremendously.